Environment Agency Abu Dhabi
Img. 1: Recycling
Mixed media with cor-ten structure
cm 180 x 50 x 190 h

Img. 2: Sand Table
"Light Fondente" bronze
cm 250 x 70 x 50 h

Img. 3: The Drop
Bronze and silver
cm 90 x 200 h

Img. 4: Land Marine
Aluminium and bronze
cm 90 x 200 h
Research and development for the creation of furniture and sculptures about environment. Realized for the opening of the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi.

Recycling – a helical movement, expesses the process through which matter is transformed and reborn. Sand table - usefull translation of the sand dune movement of the desert.
The Drop - the representation of the water element brought to the single essence.
Land Marine Resources - the meeting point between heart and water from bird's-eye view, is the key of reading of this work.
Photo Credits: Marco Boria
Daniela Berruti
Mauro Mori Studio
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