Two artists, two different stories, two different countries, Brazil and Italy, meet each other thanks to their common way of reading reality through archaic symbols and an essential primitivism.
Mauro Mori and Luiz Martins meet in 2014, recognize immediately each other and decide to spend some time together to develop the project “Leggimi”.

With “Leggimi” the one creates, through its approach and different techniques, his own interpretation of the work of the other.
Luiz Martins works and lives in San Paulo, Brazil. His main sources of inspiration are the natural expressions and the archaic symbols coming from wild nature of Brazil

Mauro Mori ,one of the pioneers of organic design, began his work in 1994 with the creation of unique pieces and limited series, a crossroads between furniture accessories and sculptures. The plasticity of materials, the organic forms and a desired and evident manual skills constitute the common denominator of all its production

Leggimi preview is presented on February the12th at DialogArt Gallery in Vienna

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